Mission and Purpose

The purpose of NetCom Learning is to promote the values of lifelong learning. And that purpose extends beyond the walls of our classrooms.

Through Love of Learning we will multiply our impact and reach those who would otherwise never have the opportunity to learn.

We've partnered with BRAC USA (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) to help fund education for children in impoverished countries.

How does it work?

Simple. For every unique registration, NetCom Learning will sponsor one year of education of a child in a impoverished country through one of BRAC’s primary or pre-primary schools.

Learn and Let Learn.

Why NetCom Learning?

NetCom Learning is more than a training institution. We are a learning organization that recognizes the importance of learning for everyone.

We must consistently learn in order to stay competitive in business and succeed in life.  But we also recognize the opportunity to learn is not as available for some...

That's why only NetCom Learning allows you and your company to reach your learning and training objectives and provide a second chance at learning for a child that would otherwise be left behind.


Learn more about how you can help others when you learn.

In partnership with

In December 2014 alone, we changed the lives of 100 children by sponsoring one year of their education through a partnership with BRAC.

They will never forget their first day of school thanks to you!